Photophile 1.0.0 Released !

Hey image downloading fans,

Photofile 1.0.0 is out the door and available in the app store.

Here’s a run down of the major features:

Full featured browser !

  • Tabbed browsing is supported in iPad2 and above.
  • Create a separate set of Bookmarks than your normal safari browser
  • Actions to open the url in safari or email the link
  • Built-in search box with google support
Highlight !
  • Click highlight and all the images on the page become clickable for a single click save
All Images
  • A single click to All Images shows all the images on the page
  • Browse through the full size images and keep the ones you want
  • Automatically detects images you’ve downloaded already
Security settings !

  • Enable a 4 digit passcode
  • Secure it by erasing all data if the wrong passcode is entered too many times
  • Access to your total amount of space taken
  • 3 Finger gestures ! ( coming soon in version 1.0.1 )

Browse Features !

  • Groups your tags together
  • Either view with thumbnails or in a list
  • Automatically group images from the site same together
  • Keeps a list of photos that haven’t been tagged yet

Images !

  • Each image remembers where it came from and uses that as the title
  • The following actions are supported per image
  1. Copy to the iPad’s photo gallery
  2. Copy to your dropbox
  3. Navigate to where the photo came from
  4. Copy to memory
  5. Email the photo to someone
  6. Delete the photo

Picture Info!

Each photo has avaible it’s

  • Dimensions
  • Size
  • Created date
  • Url to the image itself
  • Url to the page the image was on

Tabs ! ( only in ipad 2 + )

  • Supports up to 9 tabs with thumbnail views
  • Open and close tabs with a gesture swipe on the left
  • Long tap on links to open load them up in background tabs

Additional Features

Retina Support !

All the assets support retina and all images downloaded are resized to Retina supported sizes


About photofileapp

The BEST way to browse and bulk download images on your iPad

One response to “Photophile 1.0.0 Released !”

  1. David says :

    This is a terrific app. So far I have a list of over 50 photographers whose work I love to look at and learn from, over 1700 photos! Now I am beginning to collect images of famous painters whose work I admire. What a great learning tool.

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