Photofile is now a universal app !

Today marks the release of Photofile 1.0.3 !

This release contains the biggest features that have been requested namely:

1. iPhone support with the full compliment of features

2. Batch save photos to your iOS photos app (with full support in All Images so you can save to photos without saving locally ! )

3. Batch copy photos to dropbox ( also with full support in All Images so you can batch save to dropbox without saving locally ! )

4. Batch delete photos from your local collection

5. Rename files in the details pane to help organize files when copying to Dropbox

6. Swipe left and right with two fingers to navigate forward and backwards in the browser

The iPhone version also allows for “impersonating” other browsers to make sure you get the full resolution images when downloading.  This new feature can be found here:

Then select the device you would like to impersonate

The icon will change to show what you’re currently browsing as

This is a big release for Photofile and contains all the most requested features.  We’re always listening to your feedback so please continue to send it !

Thanks !

Team Photofile

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